Monday, July 28, 2008


things are good in iowa

Its hot... and it rained last night

and lack of power for several hours.

nothing new to report


Monday, July 14, 2008


I have decided that this will be a reasonably intelligent Blog. Because I am pretty cool like that. things are good in ottumwa, its getting warmer and Humid... but meh. I have discovered that Iowa is home of the non-Surgical Lobotomy! I mean It kinda makes sense. I supose. I have started using such Iowa-isims, as "Yusta Could" and, "Couple a Few" and "Warsh" it sucks, mostly a lot. BUT other than that that things are grand. Im liking the people in Ottumwa, I got Peanut butter Chocolate Fudge yesterday, and things rock. so yeah. Met a gentleman from Morocco, who spoke minor english, and french. Days I wish I was multi lingual. could have been fun. so yeah, how is everyone else? good? bad? Alive? dead? Question mark!?

Jennings OUT.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hello World

This is Austin. Do I rock? I think I do.

Alot. I mean, COme On, I almost rule!

Ok, that was gay. like major. anyway I moved to a place called Ottumwa Iowa, so thats pretty cool.

This blog entry sucks.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008


WIth Words this time!

yes I am lazy enough to NOT Erase the other one. I Rule. Srsly. so I am FINALLY leaving the rez, and going back ot Iowa, to a place called Ottumwa. so that is pretty exciting.

You people who read my blog should send me stuff in the mail.

Elder Austin Jennings
8515 Douglas Ave #19
Des Moines IA 50322.

Thats the address to do it. things are good. I wrote a meaningful letter (<3) which is awesome! I CAN WRITE THINGS

NIck, Syd, Tiana, I still miss you all.