Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We will be right back, after a message from these fine advertisers!

Wow. I have not put something here in ages, (percent of my blog posts that start this way: 90% I am THAT lame) so I figured it was high time to get off of my lump, and get bloggin.

Of course, I am going to write this post and feel accomplished, so you aren't going to hear anything for MONTHS on end, and then I will basically copy and paste this statement, and post it all over again. [/runOnSentence]

Ok, on to serious business. I am still working in mobile phones for Verizon wireless, that has not really changed at all. I enjoy it here, and like what I do, but lemme tell you, there are days where I would just like to close the door here, and skip town. I mean I drive a little truck, I am sure that a tank of gas could get me at LEAST three hundred miles away! Hmm.

Man I spent like the last five minutes thinking about that. It would be AWESOME, but also FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE, and plain Irresponsible. There is no good way to spin that, in a positive light. I don't even have a cool story like: "Oh, I am running from a Texas ranger, because, I once killed a man in Florida." Hm. Actually. That would make for a decent story. I mean it has been done a little, but still. I can make it work.

ANYWAY, I bought a truck! It is a red 97 Ford Ranger with like 99k miles on it, and has been in a major accident! (the accident was BEFORE I bought it, so all is well) I actually really love my truck. I mean as beat up as she is, it is my first car. I never thought I would be the type to get all attached to a car, but right now the only thing I like more than my truck, is the person who plays passenger the most in it. (Listening to Rosanna on the Ipod. \m/ go Toto)

That passenger of course being Aurielle, AKA Girlfriend. AKA awesome. AKA, Cute. AKA, one of the best things to happen to me right now (the other, of course, is Egg Nog being back in stores for the holidays! :D ). So that is totally awesome. I dated her a while ago, then started dating someone else, and that ended terribly, so once I was finally over it, I started dating Aurielle again, and yeah. [/RunOnSentence2] (Danger zone, oh Random On my Ipod, Thou art interesting!)

I really can not come up with much else to report. I have taken on a new maxim: I am On this side of the dirt, so I really can not complain, nor should I. It started as a way to open a sales pitch, and now I am kinda believing it. Go figure.

until next time Adventurers!