Monday, May 19, 2008


Ok... so this blog is pretty quietly kept by me... syd... Nick, and a few others have the link...

I HAS TO RANT. There is some serious shit with one of my friends right now. I cant figure what it is and he wont tell me. so I sit here worrying.... and I ear nothing... ugh..

lyfe is gay. at least its my birthday on Wednesday.


Monday, May 12, 2008

Like, seven Miles eh? wow. thats alot.

Hello Universe,

Sitting In my usual spot... with Achy KNEES. Yes. this afternoon, we decided it would be a "Good" Idea to Ride a Bike Seven Miles. After not being in shape for the whole winter. I think I almost Died.

Twice. thats right, I AVOIDED DEATH. (well... a diesel on the Highway. so that was fun.) but yeah it was cool. we rode on a pretty much flat road, passed a sweet lake, watched cars pass us on the other sid3e of th road, got blown all over the place, (cha 35 MPH winds. WOO) BUT pretty exciting. the only bad part, is we have to make that trek BACK. 14 miles total WOO. so pretty much... not very exciting, but it is that or walk it. and if you ask me, Ill take the Road. Bicycle. Ja know? so yeah pretty exciting.

Um.... I cant really think what else is going down. YOu know stuff.

oh, Syd, the Reservation... weird as always.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Ok Fine!

Alright... Thanks to some stern INTERVENTION. I now no longer will be posting LOLcats. Good Lord what was wrong with me. ANYWAY. Time for a new blog. SINCE I DID ONE YESTERDAY.

And the DAY BEFORE. I think. Perhaps some Srs Bsns? I dunno. perhaps. Things are good with me, there was some LOLDRAMA in my life, but hey, its ok, because there was LOL's so you know what ever. um... its cloudy today? (Hmm... add a weather Page element?) and I am sitting in a public library, Lurking the internets. Checking out random YTMND's. You know fun stuff. just like sitting here and laughing at people sitting next to me in the library. FOR EXAMPLE, there is a Gorl sitting next to me reading those lovely fanfics. you know, THE RATED M ONES. LOLLERSKATES. but hey its cool. Gotta get it where you can amirite? I spose? ther is only like 6,000 People in this town.. or something like that. YAY FOR SMALL IOWA FARM TOWNS.

At least there is deecent Shopping, and a Library. so that makes it not suck as much. But yeah, so how is everyone else doing? Are you guys like, Having a good life and stuff? or like... Is it gay. I know that life can be gay. so if it is, Sorry. I still love you Srsly. I think with that I will close.

Remember Lift with your back, not your knees!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Day, Another Blog. [/overused title]

Hello World!

I seem to have the hang of this blogging shit now. Apparently I cant type internet URL's. Ask Jon. It took me 1,000,000 Tried to get him here. and He may not have even made it here. This will be a relatavely short Entry.


Anyway, Thanks for stopping by. Im gonna put a random picture in here again. FOund on google images. woot.

more cat pictures

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rain Rain..... What?

Hy Guys,

Yes, I spelled hi wrong. So shoot me. This is my blog, and I could totally talk in LOLcat speak if I wanted to. (Which I wont, Because that would be gay. Very gay, and people would think I take it in the butt. That's not cool. lets end this Parenthesis.) Anyway, things are going good for me today, it rained all night last night so that was kinda cool-ish. Epsically when there was this giant roll of thunder that was all BBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM. Just like that. Well... More RUUMMBMBBBLLLRRREEEEEELLLLRRUUUMMBBBB. (Pronounce THAT.) still pretty dang sweet. I kinda like the rain. It depresses some people, but for me the rain, just brings back really good memories. like from my childhood and stuff. which is pretty dang sweet.

PARAGRAPH 2. BEGIN. Um I guess this is where I give Shout outs to people right? thats how we do things on blogs now... Right? Anyway, Shout out to TEH WEASEL. (Nick.) and Sydney! The people who commented my last Blog! WOO! (Your Gift basket, and Fine Wine are in the Mail. If you don't get them, its because postman Joe, Ate it).

PARAGRAPH 3. BEGIN. Random LOLcat.animal
more cat pictures

That is all. I love you all. especially um... Trogdor?


Monday, May 5, 2008

I Kan Has Blog now?

Well shit.

I have now entered into the Scary World of the Blogosphere. Hi Everyone. First time here...