Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We will be right back, after a message from these fine advertisers!

Wow. I have not put something here in ages, (percent of my blog posts that start this way: 90% I am THAT lame) so I figured it was high time to get off of my lump, and get bloggin.

Of course, I am going to write this post and feel accomplished, so you aren't going to hear anything for MONTHS on end, and then I will basically copy and paste this statement, and post it all over again. [/runOnSentence]

Ok, on to serious business. I am still working in mobile phones for Verizon wireless, that has not really changed at all. I enjoy it here, and like what I do, but lemme tell you, there are days where I would just like to close the door here, and skip town. I mean I drive a little truck, I am sure that a tank of gas could get me at LEAST three hundred miles away! Hmm.

Man I spent like the last five minutes thinking about that. It would be AWESOME, but also FISCALLY IRRESPONSIBLE, and plain Irresponsible. There is no good way to spin that, in a positive light. I don't even have a cool story like: "Oh, I am running from a Texas ranger, because, I once killed a man in Florida." Hm. Actually. That would make for a decent story. I mean it has been done a little, but still. I can make it work.

ANYWAY, I bought a truck! It is a red 97 Ford Ranger with like 99k miles on it, and has been in a major accident! (the accident was BEFORE I bought it, so all is well) I actually really love my truck. I mean as beat up as she is, it is my first car. I never thought I would be the type to get all attached to a car, but right now the only thing I like more than my truck, is the person who plays passenger the most in it. (Listening to Rosanna on the Ipod. \m/ go Toto)

That passenger of course being Aurielle, AKA Girlfriend. AKA awesome. AKA, Cute. AKA, one of the best things to happen to me right now (the other, of course, is Egg Nog being back in stores for the holidays! :D ). So that is totally awesome. I dated her a while ago, then started dating someone else, and that ended terribly, so once I was finally over it, I started dating Aurielle again, and yeah. [/RunOnSentence2] (Danger zone, oh Random On my Ipod, Thou art interesting!)

I really can not come up with much else to report. I have taken on a new maxim: I am On this side of the dirt, so I really can not complain, nor should I. It started as a way to open a sales pitch, and now I am kinda believing it. Go figure.

until next time Adventurers!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am not allowed to have money anymore.

guys. I just bought the Guild Wars, Factions Collector's edition, AND, Guild Wars Eye of the North.

I paid 55.00 for it. Because I had to have next day shipping.

someone please take my debit card from me, before I spend again!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A new tale

Ok, so this is something that has been bouncing around in my head for a while, and I have no concrete plans for it. at all. In fact it seems as I type, what I wanted to write is leaving RAPIDLY.

that said, uh, here goes nothing.

There was a Breeze that morning. I will always remember the breeze. It carried the smell of a cooking fire, burning pine... the smell of the trees, and the lake... It was something of a perfect moment. Those few moments in life where time stands still. I had just woken up, and I knew everything, for a moment, was perfect.

Of course, that is when I woke up for real. I sat up in my one bedroom, apartment and looked around. I was still in bed, and my alarm was bleating that horrible monotone song that it sang every morning at six am. For a moment I thought I caught the sound of that breeze again, but it was just the AC kicking on. I Pulled myself out of bed, and got myself ready for the day. The odd thing was this dream kept staying with me. All day I caught the scent of Pine, the smell of a fire, and cooking fish. It was so real! I was not so sure that I was even actually awake... was this the dream? Was I out in the woods, camping, and dreaming about this standard existence? I imagine if Plato, or Socrates was here I would maybe feel like I was making sense with my metaphysical style of thinking.

I noticed that my phone had a message, it was simple, just a text, from a number I have never seen before. One Line.

"It was ALL real. See you when you sleep again."

I had no Idea what to believe. Was it a joke? a Text sent to the totally wrong number? I tried to call, whoever this was... the phone rang... and rang again, the tones dull, and repetitive. Finally an answer! "doo Dee deep, Im sorry, the number you have dia-" I hung up. If it was real, then why did the number not work... I slid my phone open and replied to the text. "Oh it was was it? What was all real? you? the dream? or is this all my imagination playing tricks on me?" I hit the send button and will confess I expected an immediate response, but nothing. I found myself remembering the dream, slipping back to that forest... Taking a deep breath and smelling the pine again. Was I there? I shook my head and it all dissipated.

My phone was ringing, "Hello? Yes this is he. No, no, I am not interested. I prefer to stay in my own city. No, I do not ever travel. Wait what!?" My heart skipped, about thirty beats. She said "sure you like leaving the house, you were camping just last night!" I stood there for a minute. Not saying anything. "I told you, It was all real. Now then, you are going to be late, Ill see you tonight... sleep well!" The line went dead. "I'm losing my mind" I mused out loud. it was all so strange. then again, was it totally unimaginable? Totally impossible that I left my house and was on some elaborate camping trip? Or was this all some mind game I was playing with my self. I walk down the stairs and head out to my car, almost expecting there to be mud on the tires, and body, evidence of a camping trip, but there was nothing, not even a stray pine needle. I jump in and start it up. The gas gauge sends out a beep, that I should head for fuel. "What...? I just filled that up... two days ago." Things just keep getting curiouser, and curiouser. I turned on the radio, "This weekend only! The biggest use-KASERRTHCHH Stop pretending this was a dream! You were there with me! Don't you remember me?"

Got some stuff to handle, more later!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tempus Fugit

Time, does indeed fly.

I have been thinking about that a lot lately. It moves much faster than I would like to admit to sometimes. I mean just a year ago, I was sitting in Belle Plaine Iowa, on a mission for my church. Two years ago, I was in Macy, Nebraska, doing the same. Five years ago, I was still in High School.

Five years. Dang. I mean it sure only seems like it was a few weeks, at MOST a few months ago. I dunno its just weird. I can remember people telling me that Time would fly once I turned 18, and Doggone it, they were right! I know that this is a totally strange blog, with this reminiscence and all, but hey I am 21! I HAVE A RIGHT.

I also realize that I am still young, and I really have nothing to complain about. I mean sure time flies, but its not like I am 45, and living in mothers basement. (Besides, that would never happen ANYWAY, because my father wold be all LOLOL NO. GTFO.) so yeah. I am really loving life right now too. I mean I have a job that is providing decent money, I have transportation (that, as it is sucks down 8 miles a GALLON, but that can change) I have a place to live, and I have my family, well, short of one brother who is in the Philippines. so yeah.

you know, someday I will learn how to write a proper paragraph, so that when I post these random blitherings, they will at least make sense GRAMMATICALLY. Because everyone loves good grammar. Its just proper! (Oh ho ho! A pun!) Anyway I made my statement, so I am going to get back to the important things.

You know, Listening to The Cranberries, and playing Bejeweled 2. :D

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well then, I guess thats how it is.

I found my self wondering today, why.

Now many people are going to look at that last sentence, and have any myriad of different thoughts. Why did I decide to get up so early this morning? Why did I go and have that second burrito? Why is that guy Cutting me... Why is he getting s close!? WHY IS IS HIS CAR IN MY LANE!? WHY IS HE SWERVING LIKE THAT!? (Answer? He was Texting. Srsly. I looked over at him with some SCORN, and he was in the MIDDLE of a text.)

But that is not the Why, I had in mind. Infact, now that I have just finished working with a customer, I have no clue what I was talking about.

Apparently, it was an unimportant subject.

I did Have some stuff I wanted to talk about, Mostly about nothing. I sometimes just like to sit and let the keyboard do the talking. (and for those of you wondering, my Keyboard DOES talk, and he asks simply, that I stop eating sandwiches at the desk. The crumbs hurt his keys.) I mean isint that what a blog should be? A simple entry discussing the life of someone. A statement made by another member of this human race, detailing his struggle to get ahead. I see my little internet canvas as something more f a journal. A record of feelings that I have, how my days were, not what I feel about .

I guess I am old fashioned in that regard. I'ts why I never update my blog with something other than random whimsy. I never feel like I have something thats important to add to the giant blogosphere. I see these blogs that have huge followings, people that read them daily, and more comments than I have ever given on the 'net.

Im listening to A death Cab for Cutie song. Im thinking about what I want. There isin't much actually. I have a place to live right now, I have a car to drive, I have a job. These are all good things. The necessaries of life. Food clothing, transportation. I would like to have a Girlfriend. I know that seems shallow to say over the net, but its true.

I want a new computer. Stupid little thing, but its a want.

I want a Ford F-150. Not so little, HUGE do want.

I want to be surrounded by good friends. Don't get me wrong, I have GREAT friends. Emily, Nick, Zak, Tiana. Awesome people, but some of them are way to far away from me to like it.

I want a Zune HD 32 Gig. Totally buying it for my birthday. ACAUSE IT WILL BE MY BIRTDAY PRESENT TO MAH SELF.

Jeez I want this blog to make sense. Sorry Folks. I just have no Idea what I am doing with this right now. SOMEONE INSPIRE ME.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Top Ten songs - In no order

So I posted over on Twitter About my top ten songs, right at this moment. They are here in slightly different order than on Twitter. Here goes the Explanation!

1. Zombie, The Cranberries: Ok, This is on the list because I just rediscovered them about a week ago, and I forgot how awesome their music is, and this song especially.

2. I don't Want to set the world on Fire - The Ink Spots: Started playing Fallout 3 again. This song gets instantly stuck in my head forever when I do so. Loove it.

3. Just Breathe - Pearl Jam: I heard this song, and Had to stop what I was doing and listen to it. I have never really liked Pearl Jam, but this song is amazing. I like how it has the sad overtone that we are all going to die someday, but because of that we should all stick together. Awesome Song.

4. Why don't you get a Job? - The Offspring: Really? Do I need to explain why an Offspring song is on the list? Ok, I have always liked this song. I first heard it many moons ago, Playing Crazy Taxi in the arcade (aand on my Gamecube) for HOURS. It is what got me hooked on The Offspring :D

5. Better Half - Frank Turner: I dunno How many of you have heard of Frank Turner, but My dear friend Emily got me hooked on him recently. Its a song about how somewhere out in the world, is his better half. Somewhere Is Missus right. He is singing to loneliness. Telling it that there is his better half out there. Love this song.

6. Linger - The Cranberries: Like I said, I found them again recently, and I just love their stuff. its pretty much awesome.

7. Brick - Ben Folds Five: I really honestly forgot how much I liked this song. I mean the melody, the lyrics, its just awesome stuff. I love the statement, She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly. Something bad is happening to the poor girl. and its never really explained (However, thats as far as I know, IF anyone knows the story behind Brick LEMME KNOW!) Its just a sad song. good though.

8. I'll Follow you into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie: This is honestly one of the few songs I get emotional to. It has some serious emotional ties to certain people. and it just brings them right to the front of my mind. Its hard for me to even type about it. Just a really awesome song, that... that really means a lot to me.

9. Telephone - Pomplamoose Cover version: This is NOT the original Version of GaGa's hit. Its a much more, lounge-y jazzed out mix of Telephone, and its VERY catchy. I just find my foot tapping along weather I have a choice or not. Check it out.

10. Jet Lag - Frank Turner: Another song by Frank, Also from Emily. I really like this song. Its melodic, its quiet, the Piano is spectacular, and Its just in general a good song. He is singing about how he has gone over Thousands of miles, and 15 different girlfriends, but she (the one he want) is always 16 hours ahead. How he wants her. and he cant get back to her. The greatest line ever is in the song as well. "Distance Kills the best of Intentions" WHICH IS AS SAD AS IT IS TRUE.

Anyway, that s my Top ten for now. Ill do this once in a while, Get some stuff up here to listen to. Much love to yall.

-Austin J

Sunday, February 21, 2010

hey look! I can blog@

sort of. I mean I cant seem to use an exclamation point in my title.

so here is life, for me right now. I have started ANOTHER new job, working for a tree removal service, which is pretty sweet. I bailed on a previous job, because it was driving for eight hours, from nine PM to six AM. guh. not fun driving either, like dignataries, or crazy drunken people on the strip (yay Las Vegas!) but driving a water truck. spraying dirt. for nine hours. Hahahahah yeah right. so I bailed. now I remove trees. and bushes, and all manner of shrubbery. its pretty sweet. Just bought a new pair of work boots for it too! EXCITING.

Thats the work front, as far as school goes, I am going to be starting summer classes, since I am a massive dork, and missed FAFSA paperwork. Im going to be going to The college of Southern Nevada doing their user support thing. It basically gets me A+ hardware & software certification, Cisco networking certification, and a myriad of other things, to put me to work in the user support field (GEEK SQUAD HERE I COME). so yeah good times on THAT front.

Im single. Thats ALL im sayin bout that. (take me now! Im still good! only 21! low mileage!)

Life is in general pretty good. I gained a new appreciation for my family today so that is awesome. I realized how important they are to me. I want to say again, but I am not sure that I knew. I dunno.

oh saw percy Jackson and the Olympians. good movie. fun story, Predictable bad guy. I enjoyed it though.

whelp I am off to put Mal in a dangerous situation see ya later!