Thursday, July 15, 2010

A new tale

Ok, so this is something that has been bouncing around in my head for a while, and I have no concrete plans for it. at all. In fact it seems as I type, what I wanted to write is leaving RAPIDLY.

that said, uh, here goes nothing.

There was a Breeze that morning. I will always remember the breeze. It carried the smell of a cooking fire, burning pine... the smell of the trees, and the lake... It was something of a perfect moment. Those few moments in life where time stands still. I had just woken up, and I knew everything, for a moment, was perfect.

Of course, that is when I woke up for real. I sat up in my one bedroom, apartment and looked around. I was still in bed, and my alarm was bleating that horrible monotone song that it sang every morning at six am. For a moment I thought I caught the sound of that breeze again, but it was just the AC kicking on. I Pulled myself out of bed, and got myself ready for the day. The odd thing was this dream kept staying with me. All day I caught the scent of Pine, the smell of a fire, and cooking fish. It was so real! I was not so sure that I was even actually awake... was this the dream? Was I out in the woods, camping, and dreaming about this standard existence? I imagine if Plato, or Socrates was here I would maybe feel like I was making sense with my metaphysical style of thinking.

I noticed that my phone had a message, it was simple, just a text, from a number I have never seen before. One Line.

"It was ALL real. See you when you sleep again."

I had no Idea what to believe. Was it a joke? a Text sent to the totally wrong number? I tried to call, whoever this was... the phone rang... and rang again, the tones dull, and repetitive. Finally an answer! "doo Dee deep, Im sorry, the number you have dia-" I hung up. If it was real, then why did the number not work... I slid my phone open and replied to the text. "Oh it was was it? What was all real? you? the dream? or is this all my imagination playing tricks on me?" I hit the send button and will confess I expected an immediate response, but nothing. I found myself remembering the dream, slipping back to that forest... Taking a deep breath and smelling the pine again. Was I there? I shook my head and it all dissipated.

My phone was ringing, "Hello? Yes this is he. No, no, I am not interested. I prefer to stay in my own city. No, I do not ever travel. Wait what!?" My heart skipped, about thirty beats. She said "sure you like leaving the house, you were camping just last night!" I stood there for a minute. Not saying anything. "I told you, It was all real. Now then, you are going to be late, Ill see you tonight... sleep well!" The line went dead. "I'm losing my mind" I mused out loud. it was all so strange. then again, was it totally unimaginable? Totally impossible that I left my house and was on some elaborate camping trip? Or was this all some mind game I was playing with my self. I walk down the stairs and head out to my car, almost expecting there to be mud on the tires, and body, evidence of a camping trip, but there was nothing, not even a stray pine needle. I jump in and start it up. The gas gauge sends out a beep, that I should head for fuel. "What...? I just filled that up... two days ago." Things just keep getting curiouser, and curiouser. I turned on the radio, "This weekend only! The biggest use-KASERRTHCHH Stop pretending this was a dream! You were there with me! Don't you remember me?"

Got some stuff to handle, more later!

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