Monday, May 17, 2010

Tempus Fugit

Time, does indeed fly.

I have been thinking about that a lot lately. It moves much faster than I would like to admit to sometimes. I mean just a year ago, I was sitting in Belle Plaine Iowa, on a mission for my church. Two years ago, I was in Macy, Nebraska, doing the same. Five years ago, I was still in High School.

Five years. Dang. I mean it sure only seems like it was a few weeks, at MOST a few months ago. I dunno its just weird. I can remember people telling me that Time would fly once I turned 18, and Doggone it, they were right! I know that this is a totally strange blog, with this reminiscence and all, but hey I am 21! I HAVE A RIGHT.

I also realize that I am still young, and I really have nothing to complain about. I mean sure time flies, but its not like I am 45, and living in mothers basement. (Besides, that would never happen ANYWAY, because my father wold be all LOLOL NO. GTFO.) so yeah. I am really loving life right now too. I mean I have a job that is providing decent money, I have transportation (that, as it is sucks down 8 miles a GALLON, but that can change) I have a place to live, and I have my family, well, short of one brother who is in the Philippines. so yeah.

you know, someday I will learn how to write a proper paragraph, so that when I post these random blitherings, they will at least make sense GRAMMATICALLY. Because everyone loves good grammar. Its just proper! (Oh ho ho! A pun!) Anyway I made my statement, so I am going to get back to the important things.

You know, Listening to The Cranberries, and playing Bejeweled 2. :D

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