Friday, May 9, 2008

Ok Fine!

Alright... Thanks to some stern INTERVENTION. I now no longer will be posting LOLcats. Good Lord what was wrong with me. ANYWAY. Time for a new blog. SINCE I DID ONE YESTERDAY.

And the DAY BEFORE. I think. Perhaps some Srs Bsns? I dunno. perhaps. Things are good with me, there was some LOLDRAMA in my life, but hey, its ok, because there was LOL's so you know what ever. um... its cloudy today? (Hmm... add a weather Page element?) and I am sitting in a public library, Lurking the internets. Checking out random YTMND's. You know fun stuff. just like sitting here and laughing at people sitting next to me in the library. FOR EXAMPLE, there is a Gorl sitting next to me reading those lovely fanfics. you know, THE RATED M ONES. LOLLERSKATES. but hey its cool. Gotta get it where you can amirite? I spose? ther is only like 6,000 People in this town.. or something like that. YAY FOR SMALL IOWA FARM TOWNS.

At least there is deecent Shopping, and a Library. so that makes it not suck as much. But yeah, so how is everyone else doing? Are you guys like, Having a good life and stuff? or like... Is it gay. I know that life can be gay. so if it is, Sorry. I still love you Srsly. I think with that I will close.

Remember Lift with your back, not your knees!

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  1. How's life on the Indian Reservation? Lots of legal gambling and such?