Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rain Rain..... What?

Hy Guys,

Yes, I spelled hi wrong. So shoot me. This is my blog, and I could totally talk in LOLcat speak if I wanted to. (Which I wont, Because that would be gay. Very gay, and people would think I take it in the butt. That's not cool. lets end this Parenthesis.) Anyway, things are going good for me today, it rained all night last night so that was kinda cool-ish. Epsically when there was this giant roll of thunder that was all BBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM. Just like that. Well... More RUUMMBMBBBLLLRRREEEEEELLLLRRUUUMMBBBB. (Pronounce THAT.) still pretty dang sweet. I kinda like the rain. It depresses some people, but for me the rain, just brings back really good memories. like from my childhood and stuff. which is pretty dang sweet.

PARAGRAPH 2. BEGIN. Um I guess this is where I give Shout outs to people right? thats how we do things on blogs now... Right? Anyway, Shout out to TEH WEASEL. (Nick.) and Sydney! The people who commented my last Blog! WOO! (Your Gift basket, and Fine Wine are in the Mail. If you don't get them, its because postman Joe, Ate it).

PARAGRAPH 3. BEGIN. Random LOLcat.animal
more cat pictures

That is all. I love you all. especially um... Trogdor?


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  1. You... are a dumbass. ell-oh-ell, end of comment.