Monday, May 12, 2008

Like, seven Miles eh? wow. thats alot.

Hello Universe,

Sitting In my usual spot... with Achy KNEES. Yes. this afternoon, we decided it would be a "Good" Idea to Ride a Bike Seven Miles. After not being in shape for the whole winter. I think I almost Died.

Twice. thats right, I AVOIDED DEATH. (well... a diesel on the Highway. so that was fun.) but yeah it was cool. we rode on a pretty much flat road, passed a sweet lake, watched cars pass us on the other sid3e of th road, got blown all over the place, (cha 35 MPH winds. WOO) BUT pretty exciting. the only bad part, is we have to make that trek BACK. 14 miles total WOO. so pretty much... not very exciting, but it is that or walk it. and if you ask me, Ill take the Road. Bicycle. Ja know? so yeah pretty exciting.

Um.... I cant really think what else is going down. YOu know stuff.

oh, Syd, the Reservation... weird as always.


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