Friday, June 5, 2009

My Story...

OK, this is the idea I was referring to, from this point forward, It is His story. I'll let him tell you the rest...

I used to live here, in Setins, this gleaming city with its beautiful walls of pristine Titanium alloy. I spent the first years of my life, living here and growing in the ways of law. My father Dionatrus maropoa, was the Di-gor-mon or, deputy of this town. He trained me to follow the law and keep our town safe. that was just the Maropoa legacy. My family has been the law in Setins for years. the people have an opportunity to chose a new Di-gor-mon every year, but they always pick a Maropoa, and when that one gets older they just vote in the son to do the job. it was such a good place with the streets so clean and nice, but now... its stained. The blod of the many people who got in my way. The fair folks of this small, but advanced city. I was the Di-gor-mon Of course. that is the Lot of our family! to be the hand of law in this town. the only one who could deliver justice in a way that was fair to all the inhabitants. I was the one, and the people loved the job I was doing! I was just and good, but then a new Man came to town. he came promising that this town could grow, become stronger, and eventually branch out with an armed force to take other cities on the planet. He wanted to give the people strange weapons... armaments that were far more powerful than the weapons that were allowed here in Setins.

I stood by the laws which were in place for our town. the weapons that he brought were not allowed. This man Demeratu was more than allowed to stay and visit, even live if he so desired, but such talk of weapons and conquest were not in the character of this place. He settled his talk down and went to a local hotel and took room. I let him go, I never bothered him again. I trusted that he would keep to the law that was laid. I thought wrong he spent most of his time in company of the people in town, visiting with them and filling their heads with lies... tales of his battles. Then things started changing and not for the better.

The people rapidly fell in love with this Demeratu's promises of power and conquest. I Of course had to investigate! My people were falling prey to evil, doing things that were never done! I saw two men kill each other in cold blood, just to prove that they had the most powerful weapons. Demeratu was objected to my investigation of the murders, saying that it was their own fault for standing against against each other, and not being safe. The town sided with him. Slowly, they started changing the laws. The weapons were allowed. Armor became something that merchants began selling... and I was voted away. The town leaders came to me and asked me poiltley, to step down and allow Demeratu to become the Law of Setins. I told them that I would only Voluntarily leave my post if the townsfolk voted me that way. Luckily for me voting was so far off. I thought. Then The fateful day came. They informed me that the Vote shcedule ahd been changed and my Position would be voted on the following day. This is where my story will really begin. With the voting. With my end as Law man, and becoming the Cowboy. A reject of the city...

ok, must run for now, but hey you have the Prolouge!

I can't think of a good first name for the Cowboy... any ideas?

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