Monday, November 2, 2009

Well, here is some random for ya

sooooo I decided

To do this again, because it was fun.

ok so take and go to your Itunes WInamp... Windows media player... WHAT EVAR, put it on shuffle and then put the titles of the songs in the order of the items below its funny.

Also Known as the soundtrack to your life:

Opening Credits: Song That Never ends - tv theme - LambChops

Waking Up: Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson

First Day of School: Cake REEEEMIIXXX! (Redux) - LazyTown Feat. Lil John Recorded by teh Austin (OHHH LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL)

Falling in Love: The Enterprise Departs - Star Trek Deep Space Nine (Like seriously... Huge trek fan... LOL)

Fight Song: The River Sings - Enya Apparently... I have a fight scene arguing about... flowers?

Breaking Up: Oh, It Is Love - Hellogoodbye LOL

Prom: Soda Shop - Jay Brannan

Life: The Trial - Pink Floyd wow. How true.

Mental Breakdown: Zen Daijun - Jeremy Soule lol. I would have a mental breakdown to a guild wars track...

Driving: Kingston Town - Harry Belafonte

Flashback: Machine - Regina Spektor (IN THE MATRIX LAWL)

Wedding: Olympics Theme. HA!

Birth of Child: Better - Regina Spektor nice nice.

Final Battle: Carmina Burana: Floret Silva - Boston Symphony Orchestra & Seiji Ozawa

Death Scene: Pirates Live Forever (Ryeland Allison Remix) - Hans Zimmer & Ryeland Allison YES. YES THEY DO :D

Funeral Song: Celts - Enya. it makes sense!

End Credits: Lost Dynasties - Jeremy Soule. Another guild wars track... it works though

see this is awesome no? and old BUT STILL. Anyway I am glad to be around to do this random crap again. if anyone wants the tracks Ill um... make them available :D

love yall - Austin J

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