Sunday, February 21, 2010

hey look! I can blog@

sort of. I mean I cant seem to use an exclamation point in my title.

so here is life, for me right now. I have started ANOTHER new job, working for a tree removal service, which is pretty sweet. I bailed on a previous job, because it was driving for eight hours, from nine PM to six AM. guh. not fun driving either, like dignataries, or crazy drunken people on the strip (yay Las Vegas!) but driving a water truck. spraying dirt. for nine hours. Hahahahah yeah right. so I bailed. now I remove trees. and bushes, and all manner of shrubbery. its pretty sweet. Just bought a new pair of work boots for it too! EXCITING.

Thats the work front, as far as school goes, I am going to be starting summer classes, since I am a massive dork, and missed FAFSA paperwork. Im going to be going to The college of Southern Nevada doing their user support thing. It basically gets me A+ hardware & software certification, Cisco networking certification, and a myriad of other things, to put me to work in the user support field (GEEK SQUAD HERE I COME). so yeah good times on THAT front.

Im single. Thats ALL im sayin bout that. (take me now! Im still good! only 21! low mileage!)

Life is in general pretty good. I gained a new appreciation for my family today so that is awesome. I realized how important they are to me. I want to say again, but I am not sure that I knew. I dunno.

oh saw percy Jackson and the Olympians. good movie. fun story, Predictable bad guy. I enjoyed it though.

whelp I am off to put Mal in a dangerous situation see ya later!

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