Monday, May 10, 2010

My Top Ten songs - In no order

So I posted over on Twitter About my top ten songs, right at this moment. They are here in slightly different order than on Twitter. Here goes the Explanation!

1. Zombie, The Cranberries: Ok, This is on the list because I just rediscovered them about a week ago, and I forgot how awesome their music is, and this song especially.

2. I don't Want to set the world on Fire - The Ink Spots: Started playing Fallout 3 again. This song gets instantly stuck in my head forever when I do so. Loove it.

3. Just Breathe - Pearl Jam: I heard this song, and Had to stop what I was doing and listen to it. I have never really liked Pearl Jam, but this song is amazing. I like how it has the sad overtone that we are all going to die someday, but because of that we should all stick together. Awesome Song.

4. Why don't you get a Job? - The Offspring: Really? Do I need to explain why an Offspring song is on the list? Ok, I have always liked this song. I first heard it many moons ago, Playing Crazy Taxi in the arcade (aand on my Gamecube) for HOURS. It is what got me hooked on The Offspring :D

5. Better Half - Frank Turner: I dunno How many of you have heard of Frank Turner, but My dear friend Emily got me hooked on him recently. Its a song about how somewhere out in the world, is his better half. Somewhere Is Missus right. He is singing to loneliness. Telling it that there is his better half out there. Love this song.

6. Linger - The Cranberries: Like I said, I found them again recently, and I just love their stuff. its pretty much awesome.

7. Brick - Ben Folds Five: I really honestly forgot how much I liked this song. I mean the melody, the lyrics, its just awesome stuff. I love the statement, She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly. Something bad is happening to the poor girl. and its never really explained (However, thats as far as I know, IF anyone knows the story behind Brick LEMME KNOW!) Its just a sad song. good though.

8. I'll Follow you into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie: This is honestly one of the few songs I get emotional to. It has some serious emotional ties to certain people. and it just brings them right to the front of my mind. Its hard for me to even type about it. Just a really awesome song, that... that really means a lot to me.

9. Telephone - Pomplamoose Cover version: This is NOT the original Version of GaGa's hit. Its a much more, lounge-y jazzed out mix of Telephone, and its VERY catchy. I just find my foot tapping along weather I have a choice or not. Check it out.

10. Jet Lag - Frank Turner: Another song by Frank, Also from Emily. I really like this song. Its melodic, its quiet, the Piano is spectacular, and Its just in general a good song. He is singing about how he has gone over Thousands of miles, and 15 different girlfriends, but she (the one he want) is always 16 hours ahead. How he wants her. and he cant get back to her. The greatest line ever is in the song as well. "Distance Kills the best of Intentions" WHICH IS AS SAD AS IT IS TRUE.

Anyway, that s my Top ten for now. Ill do this once in a while, Get some stuff up here to listen to. Much love to yall.

-Austin J

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