Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well then, I guess thats how it is.

I found my self wondering today, why.

Now many people are going to look at that last sentence, and have any myriad of different thoughts. Why did I decide to get up so early this morning? Why did I go and have that second burrito? Why is that guy Cutting me... Why is he getting s close!? WHY IS IS HIS CAR IN MY LANE!? WHY IS HE SWERVING LIKE THAT!? (Answer? He was Texting. Srsly. I looked over at him with some SCORN, and he was in the MIDDLE of a text.)

But that is not the Why, I had in mind. Infact, now that I have just finished working with a customer, I have no clue what I was talking about.

Apparently, it was an unimportant subject.

I did Have some stuff I wanted to talk about, Mostly about nothing. I sometimes just like to sit and let the keyboard do the talking. (and for those of you wondering, my Keyboard DOES talk, and he asks simply, that I stop eating sandwiches at the desk. The crumbs hurt his keys.) I mean isint that what a blog should be? A simple entry discussing the life of someone. A statement made by another member of this human race, detailing his struggle to get ahead. I see my little internet canvas as something more f a journal. A record of feelings that I have, how my days were, not what I feel about .

I guess I am old fashioned in that regard. I'ts why I never update my blog with something other than random whimsy. I never feel like I have something thats important to add to the giant blogosphere. I see these blogs that have huge followings, people that read them daily, and more comments than I have ever given on the 'net.

Im listening to A death Cab for Cutie song. Im thinking about what I want. There isin't much actually. I have a place to live right now, I have a car to drive, I have a job. These are all good things. The necessaries of life. Food clothing, transportation. I would like to have a Girlfriend. I know that seems shallow to say over the net, but its true.

I want a new computer. Stupid little thing, but its a want.

I want a Ford F-150. Not so little, HUGE do want.

I want to be surrounded by good friends. Don't get me wrong, I have GREAT friends. Emily, Nick, Zak, Tiana. Awesome people, but some of them are way to far away from me to like it.

I want a Zune HD 32 Gig. Totally buying it for my birthday. ACAUSE IT WILL BE MY BIRTDAY PRESENT TO MAH SELF.

Jeez I want this blog to make sense. Sorry Folks. I just have no Idea what I am doing with this right now. SOMEONE INSPIRE ME.

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